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4 Reasons Why You’re Stupid to Buy Instagram Likes

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There are several resources out there to help you build your social profiles without cheating. This might come off as sounding a little arrogant, but it needs to be said. If you buy Instagram likes then you are just plain dumb, how else can I say it? Detailed below are the reasons why it is incredibly stupid to purchase fake popularity on the internet.

It Can Be Done For Free

Of course this is number one. You can build your social profiles overtime if you just understand the metrics of how you need to succeed. Do you think the first internet celebrities were out there buying followers and likes? No way, that stuff didn’t exist yet. Instead, they figured out which metrics were important to succeed and how to use them effectively. You can read the entire breakdown on Medium, but Growth = Posts Per Day + Effective Hashtag Use + Photo Quality + Grid Visuals + Interactions + New Content Rate + Tags & Mentions. It seems like a lot now, but imagine how much more work it will be if you have to do it twice.

2. Instagram Will Shut Down Your Account

No kidding, they will straight up ban you. If you think I’m lying then you should read up on one of Instagram’s fear inspiring spam purges. Every once and a while, Instagram will conduct a spam audit of their users and weed out anyone who seems spammy. If you have a tendency to buy Instagram likes or followers then you like won’t survive the next purge.

3. Everyone Knows You’re Buying Likes On Instagram

If wasting your money and losing your account didn’t already wake you up, then it’s time to remind you that those purchased likes are impressing no one. It is very easy to spot someone who inflates their likes. They cap out at the same number consistently and they get a surge of likes within minutes of making a post. Your followers don’t work that way.. Unless they’re bots, of course. In that case, they definitely work that way.

4. You’re Not Building a Community

If you ask anyone who’s built their social profiles into the upper echelons of social connectedness about how they did it they’re going to tell you one humbling fact. They didn’t do it at all. Their followers did. The reason those accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers and get consistently high like counts is because they’ve spent more time than you’ll ever know building their community. In order to sustainably manage an account, the users need to know that there is someone on the other end of that phone that cares.

That’s the bulk of it, but there are so many more reasons for you to never buy likes on Instagram. It cheapens your account and makes you just look desperate. Seriously, why are you trying so hard to impress these people you’ve never met. Instead you should spend that time doing something worthwhile to post about. As En Vogue would say, “Free your mind and the rest will follow”.