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Different types of eyelash extensions

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From many hundreds of years there is almost every woman who uses artificial makeup to enhance her appearance. One of the most common makeups which every woman uses is the use of mascara on their eyelashes to enhance the look of their eyelashes. You can apply mascara with the use of the pigment and other types of ingredients to make your lashes unique, there are many different types of mascara brushes available which you can you use to thicken and brighten your lashes and mascara are available in different types of color option which you can choose according to you. As there are a number of brands available which make your choice difficult, but if you want to choose the best mascara then you should go for the Younique, which offers you a great quality of mascara.

Difference between eyelash extension and false eyelashes

False eyelashes are easy available anywhere at departmental store or at medical store. These eyelashes comes in a strip or in a row which has synthetic hair, you can apply this strip onto your eyelash area by using glue. An eyelash extension needs to be done very carefully as well as very skillfully because this eyelash has a number of single eyelashes which are glued in your current eyelash and this eyelash is very much durable it can stay at its place up to four weeks if you want to.

Types of eyelash extension

There are different types of eyelashes which are available for you in the market such as –

Strip lashes – this type of lashes are also known as party lashes. You can apply the strips of these lashes by using rubbery or latex glue which is only effective for a night.

Single lashes – if you are looking for the best eyelash then you must choose this type of eyelash, this will enhance your overall appearance because this lash comes in many different styles such as length, thickness and curl.