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Effects of hair dyes -Pros and cons of hair colouring

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Why hair should be more important for men and women? Mostly women will take more care in their hair even they are ready to spend more amount of money for the hair every month or also a week. Every man is looking for the best hairstyle by seeing their favourite personality in all categories. The trend has been changes and they are ready to face the culture with different hairstyles in this modern world.

In olden days we can easily identify the religion of the people by their hairstyles. Even today many of the people are following the same culture and traditions in hairstyles. In those days we can’t able to find any salons and now there are lot of improvements in technology and both men and women are using different types of machines to enhance their personality through different hairstyle. Hair loss is the most common problem in current scenario.

Nowadays the job situations are very worst. The people are addicted to money by working in IT sector under different shifts and even they forget about their health issues. The hair health is also most important thing to consider and its mandatory to keep your hair so clean and healthy by having proper foods at right time. There is a solution for all problems in life and likewise there is a hair fall solution naturally but most of the people are preferring some machines or unknown pills for hair loss treatments.

Lot of people dye their hair and there are some definite benefits and drawbacks too. Hair colouring refreshes you and it highlights your hair among peoples and it gives you the new attitude. By adding the little flair to your hair and it improve your appearance and self-confidence. You can develop the hair color with customized shades and it represents your unique personality.

There are lot of disadvantages too. The maintenance after colouring the hair is the most difficult thing and it can cause damage to the health of your hair. Some people will use temporary dyes and it easily fade out and we have to switch colors again and again. As previously said you will be easily judge by other people with your hairstyles. Many parents are not allowing their child to color their hair and it throws some negative comments from the relatives or common old peoples. Even some hair colors are so expensive and also, we have to spend a lot of money for salon every month to care your hair.

Likewise, there are lot of advantages and disadvantages in hair dyes too. In recent times many peoples are experiencing hair greying and especially men and women are facing lot of problems in their marriage because of white hair. There are permanent colors dyes are also available but it weakens the hair fibre and because of the chemical used in the dyes resulting in weaker hair. Lots of good and bad in the above article and it’s time for you to decide about your hair growth.