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Flaunt Sophistication and Elegance at its Best with Lace and Sheer Magic

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If you are thinking that your wedding gown will do the magical trick to glamorise your wedding perfectly, then I must tell you, dear girl, you are seriously mistaken. Don’t worry, you will surely be the most significant person on the biggest day of your life and every eye will turn towards you. But, to complement your look and make the wedding even more memorable for the symmetry and beauty, it is important that the bridesmaid also looks classy in their attires.

Now, if you are thinking in the same line, then here is one piece of suggestion for you. Add lace and sheer magic in the dresses of your bridesmaids. These materials are utterly sophisticated and elegant. Those days are long gone when laces were only used for tailoring wedding dresses. Now, it is becoming an exclusive material for bridesmaid dresses in the UK.

Nowadays, the bridesmaids no more dress up in funny themed, clone-like bridesmaid dresses. Hence, while choosing dresses for your best girls, you need to be really careful that you are choosing the material and style that will perfectly suit them and make them look stunning. So, choosing lace and sheer dresses for them will be quite a good idea. Are you thinking, how you will style these dresses? If yes, then here I am going o share some useful insights with you. Take a look at the following points.

Colour It Happily

The bride can wear the white lace dress. But, that doesn’t mean bridesmaids will have to sport something identical. Bringing in some happy hues can be a great idea too.  It will not only make them look stunning, but will also add some amazing dimension in the colour theme too. Blush pink, peach, mint, blue and grey can be your choice of colours. Perfect to bring out the elegance from the bridesmaid, these colours will make the wedding way more glamorous.

Sheer Illusion

Are you thinking about the other hottest trend of the season, the mismatched bridesmaid dresses? If yes, then you can add sheer illusion in the lace dresses too. If one of your best girls is daring enough to carry the bold look, then sheer can do wonder to her styling. So, when you are thinking how to perk up the dresses of the bridesmaid, use this trick.

Heavy Texture

With the play of colours, you can also think of the textures too. It will perfectly add drama to your bridesmaid dresses. To break the monotony of the dresses, heavy texture can create some magical effects. So, when you are looking for a way to make your best girls stand out and your choice of bridesmaid dresses to get appreciated, opt for such ideas.

Play with Footwear

Are you wondering that too much of lace might become too serious and boring? If yes, then you have the option of playing with some amazing footwear. Pop colour shoes depending on the length of the dress can do the trick for you. And the best part of this idea is that, it is subtle enough to add up to your desired sophistication and grace.

So, now as you know how lace and sheer can become the best think in planning the look of your bridesmaids, then what are you waiting for? Look for a reputed store and hunt down the perfect dresses. I am sure you will be surprised to find some amazing dresses. Thank me later!

Author Bio

Shelley Betty is a famous fashion designer and a blogger. Read her blogs to know about tips for bridesmaid dresses in the UK