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Get an Air Conditioner That Saves You Electricity and Suits Your Place

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Air conditioners have now become an important part of human life. Every family around you can be seen investing at least once on AC. Due to global warming, change in climate is unpredictable and the temperature has risen unexpectedly. Earlier people survived on fan the entire day, but now a fan seems to be insufficient for hot weather.

Air conditioners keep the entire surrounding cool and free from humidity. Since all doors and windows are locked, the air inside your house or office doesn’t get polluted. Brands like, LG, Samsung, Kaiser, Videocon, Onida, Sony, Lloyd, Phillips etc. introduce something new every time. Each brand has its own USP and features that makes it different from others.

The function of AC is to keep your room and surroundings cool. Price varies for every brand when they add some extra features to make it a healthy AC.

Let us know different variants of AC to understand our requirements –

  • Window AC
  • Split AC
  • Multiple Split with Inverter
  • Variable refrigerant flow system

Window AC

They are huge and heavy and are fixed on windows. This way, the AC emits warm air outside and pulls fresh air, cools it and throws back in. It needs a huge space to be fixed and being heavy needs support at the bottom. They were the first type of AC launched in the market.

These were intended to cool just one room or small workplace of one cabin. All the parts like compressor, coils are in one box and need less maintenance. However, due to its heaviness it vibrates a lot and makes more noise.

Split AC

This AC has two units, compressor is fixed inside and the other is the evaporator, which is placed outside. The best part is that split ACs can be mounted anywhere on the wall. The evaporator is connected with a pipe which can be pulled through a small hole anywhere. This being expensive gets difficult for a middle-class family to afford. However, since the evaporator is outdoor, therefore it makes no noise and keeps the room cool.

Multiple Split with Inverter

It is good for offices with many rooms and lobbies. This way you wouldn’t have to buy multiple split ACs for an office. The outdoor is one and connects too many indoor outlets. Each indoor outlet has temperature controlling option. This gives you an opportunity of saving money in buying various split or window ACs. Due to its inverter technology, electricity consumed is also less.

Variable refrigerant flow system

VRF systems are similar to central ACs because they have good tubing and are meant for larger offices like hotels and banquet halls. You can avoid using cooling system in unoccupied areas which can save you electricity. Not only that but places where high cooling isn’t required, could be controlled through temperature controlling feature.

All these functions are made depending upon its usage in an area. However, the basic function of an AC is to cool and avoid sweat to give you a pleasant environment.