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Infant Fashion Trends in Australia

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Dressing up a babyis one of the things that parents normally look forward to when they are expecting a child. Some parents are usually so excited and they make bold decisions about what to buy for their kids. With so many options available to parents, it can be quite confusing to decide what to go for. Here are some of the latest infant fashion trends in Australia that you can go for.


This is an outfit that never goes out of trend anywhere world. Parents will find this one piece infant wear in Australia and abroad to be quite handy, whether you are having a boy or a girl. They come in short sleeves or long sleeves. They also come in different colors. They are quite comfortable and make it easy for you to change your child’s diapers.

Bandana Bib

Babies below 6 months often make a mess by drooling. Older babies who have been weaned can also make quite a mess when they are eating. That is why you need a bib. Not only to protect the child’s clothes, but also to protect their skin from getting wet when liquids and food soak into their clothes.

Even though bibs serve a functional role, there is no reason why they should also not be stylish. Bandana bibs will add spank to your child’s outfits. Bandana bibs will give your child a cowboy look. You can find these bibs in shops that sell newborn clothes Australia.


The bibs fit newborns to 2 year olds. They are soft and quite comfortable to wear, while being absorbent at the same time.

Snapback hats

These are flat brimmed hats that have an adjustable snap at the back. This enables you to adjust the hat to fit the head of your child. This makes them quite comfortable to wear, as they can fit all shapes and sizes of heads.

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The hats come in various colors and have different embellishments on them. Pick out a hat depending on the personality that you are trying to portray. There are classic hats and sporty and casual ones. Just make sure that the hat goes well with the outfit that the child is wearing.

Pre-walking shoes

Instead of letting your child wear booties and socks, so as to keep their feet warm, consider letting them wear pre-walking shoes. These are worn by children who have not yet learned how to walk. Since the child’s foot is still developing, it is important that the shoe be soft, comfortable and flexible, such that it can be easily bent. These boots often look cute and are best worn when the baby is outdoors.

Jackets and hoodies

This will help to keep your child warm during cold months. This will minimize chances of them getting sick, as a result of the cold.

Classic Dress

You can buy your little girl a classic dress for all occasions. They can wear such a dress to multiple events. This includes parties, baptisms, visits and even formal events. You can find such dresses at baby boutiques online. Dresses are quite cute and comfortable for children to wear and if you find the right one, your little girl will end up looking like they have just walked out of a runway.