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Stylish Dress Ideas for Plus Sized Mothers

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Setting unrealistic goals for you to attain before the special day is not only cruel but unjustified as well. Mostly A mother of the bride wait until the last days, believing she will lose some weight, to finally select her dress. As a consequence, they have a hard time finding a perfect fit for themselves.

 The dresses they get to finalize are not even what they or their daughters had anticipated. So do yourself a favor and choose the dress ahead of time, if you do lose some weight you can get the dress taken in.

Believe it or not, weight doesn’t matter though, as long as you select a style that works well with your body shape and makes you look flattering. Here are some options that will help you choose a dress that will make you look gorgeous as you are.

Short Cocktail Dress

A short cocktail dress is a very favored and chic choice for the bride’s mother which gives a very trendy feminine touch to their persona. With all the variety of color options available, you can choose the color that you feel makes you look sleek.

 The various alternative styles that can be opted in this dress type like pleated skirts, asymmetrical chiffon overlay, lace blouson, etc. makes it easy for you to select the one that flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident.

Long Formal Gowns

Long Formal Gowns are the most elegant option for you if the wedding calls for formal dressing. These gowns fit comfortably and complement the curves of your body providing you a charming look and the feel that you don’t need to hide anything.

 You can choose the color which would be complementary to the bride and the wedding theme as well as your body. With various sleeve options for instance, off shoulders, sheer sleeves, full sleeves and fabric options like chiffon and lace, you get a versatile range to choose the best dress from.

Dresses with Jackets

Many plus size women feel comfortable by covering up more; they have a choice of pairing up their dress with a nice matching jacket. The jacket look is trending right now and gives a very modern and chic touch to your whole outlook. So go ahead and top your dress with a jacket that would make you look sleek by covering up the extra pounds.

Tea Length

Tea length is perfect for the women who want to cover up and also want to show just a hint of their skin. It is particularly flattering for the plus size women with the variety of printed fabric options as well as the solid color dresses.


Black is the answer for you if you’re particularly looking for something that will help you slim down. Although make sure that the bride is fine with the idea of black, otherwise you can also opt navy which hides the pounds just as well. So select a chic black/navy gown with a lovely embellished neckline to work wonders for you.

With these incredible ideas, you can dress to impress the guests on your daughter’s big day. Follow our website today for more ideas on how you can make your life easier and still look trendy as the bride’s mother.