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Surviving a Swimwear Dilemma by Choosing the Right Piece

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A variety of swimwear designs and styles often flood the market just around the start of the summer season. With more options to look at, it could be such a challenge to narrow down your choice to just one item. For those who like to shop early, online stores offer fashion-forward but comfortable designs to keep shoppers ahead of the game. Like any apparel, choosing the right swimsuit design, form, and material could spell the difference between a good buy and a regrettable choice. 

Types of Swimwear

The first step to shopping is to know the product. Swimsuits come in a variety of forms and styles, both for men and women. There are one-piece suits, also known as a maillot, which has been the more conventional choice for women. While it may look like a plain suit, the one piece has several variants, including suits with retro prints, the classic black maillot, and the more durable athletic swimwear.

Sexy bikinis or two-piece styles also come in different variants. Those who like the look of a classic bikini will love the bandeau or strapless design, which also comes in a bow or knotted style. Another variant is the string bikini or monokini, which features a sexier, more revealing design. For those who like to have a little coverage, the tankini offers the same two-piece style. But instead of the usual bra top, a tankini features a tank top that ends around the navel area. Another design variant of the bikini combines a skirt bottom with a bandeau or bra top. 

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How to choose from among these options? It always comes down to comfort and preference. Always remembers that the right design could be flattering to one’s body type. For example, women with an ample chest area would benefit from a suit with the right bra support. While the right type of prints would be flattering for those with an athletic build. Aside from the style, colors and prints also matter when choosing the right swimwear. 

The Future of Swimwear

The entire fashion industry runs the gamut from high couture to lingerie and sports apparel. Fashion trends are often subject to the preferences of an unpredictable market. However, the swimwear sector seems to show a more consistent growth rate every year, compared to other types of clothing or apparel.

The swimwear market continues to float, with a forecasted revenue potential of approximately USD 20 billion within the next two years. This figure reflects an annual growth rate of around 5 percent, from 2017 to 2019. The projected increase in revenues has been attributed to the growth in participation rates for water sports over the years. In fact, the same report indicated that this spurred manufacturers and retailers to invest in more “comfortable and stylish” swimwear. 

Most of us purchase a piece of swimwear at least once in our lifetime, whether you prefer a one piece or a bikini. When shopping for one, take the time to check out all of your options. When choosing the right swimwear, always pick the suit that fits and feels right for your body.

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