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Things that you should take with you on your every bike ride

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Bike rides are the manly things except when it is done with you wife or your girlfriend when it becomes a complete romantic outing. But otherwise it is complete manly time out generally with friends riding alongside or pillion. It’s usually a friend’s day out and there is an itinerary for such trips but at most of the times this is unpanned and it starts on a moment’s notice and one does not have time to prepare for trips of these sorts and everyone has those friends who tell the plan at the last minute and expect you to join and you just can’t say no to them.

These bike trips are something that bring you closer and the friendship increases or grows stronger. This has its own importance, and these are always fun to do as they give you a time to chill out with your friends and relax from your regular hectic life and schedules. But these trips should be planned a little if not then you should always have certain collection of items whenever you embark on a bike trip with anyone. These things include the following:

  • A second pair of gloves is always good to have if you have lost the first one or rendered it useless due to any reason then these will come to use, and gloves are necessary while bike rides along with other protections including helmet, proper shoes etc.
  • Tool kit is one of the most necessary item to have for a road trip via a bike as you never know when you might get unlucky with anything in your bike and you might seriously need the tools thus it is always better to head out prepared than sorry when you have some problem.
  • Fix a flat is another important thing that one should never forget before heading out on a bike ride and one never knows when the tyre may give way and he would desperately need to fix that tyre because there may not be any shop to get that done.
  • Cash is another important entity to be carried with you and you should consider this advice seriously as not every place has ATM outlets and cash is one thing you will always require.
  • Batteries and lamp light are also two things you should carry on a bike ride as these may come in handy at places you would never have expected.
  • The one thing that is very important is carrying a jacket and bomber jackets are recommended as you never know when it might get a little cooler and you may need to ward it off.

Bomber jackets are considered the best option among jackets because bomber jackets are really light weighed, and these are excellent in protecting the body from winds and cold. Not only this, bomber jackets are very cool looking and ideal for bike rides. Other than protecting us from the cold bomber jackets also form the first layer of defence and that too a great one in case the bike skids or slips and the rider is likely to get injured.

Bomber jackets are made up of leather, high grade nylon and even cotton these days and these are filled with insulating material on the inside and thus these are very comfortable and warm and are thus good choices for such trips.

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