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Unity in diversity – Urban vs Rural festival celebrations

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Festivals will gather all the people together and it gives an opportunity to share our happiness and joy with everyone. In olden days each and every festival has been celebrated in unique manner. They will follow their culture and traditions in all the festivals and spend time with the families.

Indian country is called as unity in diversity. People from different religion celebrate their own festivals on triumph over negativity. Each and every one apart from their own religion they will treat all festival as get together. Diwali is one of the most prominent festival of Hindus but even all the religion peoples are celebrating Diwali festival at home in grand manner by order sparklers online and crackers.

Everyone must need to know our own culture and traditions and we must follow these on celebrations. In many villages they are still following their own culture and traditions which we may not know. In rural areas many festivals will be celebrated every year apart from well-known festivals like Diwali, Pongal and so on.

The main concept of those festivals is to gather together in a home or temple and they pray for long life with joy and happiness. On this day all the family members will unite together and share the sweets and they eat together. Even for small celebrations all will gather together and it shows the emotional connect of the people over family members.

Rural people will celebrate the Pongal festivals only in the temples with all family members. It reflects the rural charm and the simplicity of the Indian people. India is the land of unique festivals retaining their culture and historical significance.

Do you know? India is a home of around 697 tribal groups and communities. Each one will follow their own traditions and culture. Even the festival is the part of their life. There are many number of tribal festivals and during the festival they wear own traditional costumes and jewellery. Also, they have a own song and dance for all festivals. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, tribal groups celebrate festivals like Madai Festival, Bhagoriya Festival, Nagaji Festival, Karma Festival etc.

Tribal groups in Orissa celebrate festivals including Bali Jatra (Koraput tribe), Karma Festival (Ho, Kisan, Kol, Bhumij, Oraon, Bhuiyan and Bhinjal tribes), Bija Pandu Festival (Koya tribe), Kedu Festival (Kondhs of Phulbani), Chaita Parva Festival (Koraput, Bhuiyan tribes) and Maghe Parab Festival (Ho, Oraon, Kisan and Kol tribes) among others.

Likewise, in every part of India we can see more tribal festivals and rural festivals. In urban they will concentrate only the main festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Holi, Eid, Christmas and so on. Mostly they will decorate their houses during festival time and they spend time with families inside their houses. Due to work pressure they may not concentrate in all festivals and even they consider all festival holidays as rest time.

In future we must teach our children about our traditions and cultural celebrations at the time of each and every festival.