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What Is The Perfect Size Engagement Ring That Every Girl Dreams For?

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An engagement ring is a ring for a lifetime. Exchanging rings is a popular tradition in the USA. The engagement ring features a diamond as a center stone. It is very important for a girl to have a diamond ring because it shows lifetime commitment. It represents the symbol of love that bond together between two people. Nowadays, choosing a ring remains a joint decision,but some leave them up for the groom’s family.

If you are staying in Houston, many girls will consider having big diamond engagement rings. There is a wide range of ring shapes and sizes available. The Houston diamond exchange has one of the biggest selections of engagement rings that include platinum, white gold, designer styles, contemporary and princes’ cut. Celebrities wear big diamonds as an engagement ring. So many women prefer buying diamonds of big karat size.

The Perfect Size Engagement Ring for Girls

What the average size of engagement ring girlsdreams for in the US is just around one full karat. People with higher income and better-paying salaries tend to buy bigger stones. Surveys conducted in several major cities about the size of diamond ring girls prefer in the US were:

  • New York city -1.45 Carat
  • Chicago – 1.29 karat
  • Los Angeles – 0.83 karat
  • Miami – 1.08 karat

A diamond tends to face up larger due to perfect proportion, symmetry, polish, and alignment. On an average, a two-carat diamond ring is a head turner, and many women consider it as big. Many women think twokarats are being a decent size diamond with color and clarity.

Three karat is a noticeable big diamond. There are many factors that influence the size of the diamond such as the size of your finger, composition of a ring, the shape and cut of a diamond. An engagement ring of two karats or above is considered to be big for many girls in the US.  If a diamond is cut shallow, it will have more surface area, and it will appear larger. Only the round diamonds with a cut grade of excellence and fancy diamonds are eligible to become forever mark diamond.

0.9 karatis also consideredas the best size for an engagement ring. It should be a clean diamond with SI1 and SI2 clarity range. A well-cut G colored diamond will look big compared to a D colored diamond. Diamond Exchange in Houston offers certified and loose diamondin different shape, size, and quality at wholesale price. You can get better deals at different outlet stores in Houston.

A diamond engagement ring is a personal gift for your future wife, and it carries a symbolic meaning. It represents the promise and love between couples. It doesn’t make any difference whether the diamond size is onekarat or 2 karats. What matters is what the ring means to her.

It will be influenced by the way you propose her than by the karat weight. Therefore, think of something unique to express your proposal to your loved one and get yourself credited for a lifetime!