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Your Guide to the Must-Have Luxury Lingerie

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If you are a woman of substance then you already know how to take care of yourself and your needs. It is inevitable that you will also have a drawer full of lingerie that makes you feel sizzling hot in no time at all. Lingerie in India is no longer a foreign topic and strong, modern women love flaunting the best of their bodies. Luxury lingerie is a term that is used for the cream de la cream in lingerie that are special and take you from being an 8 to 10 straightaway. You can add luxury lingerie and keep on updating according to the trends of course but below are a few must have pieces that you should have in your intimate drawer at all times:

Bra and panty match – When getting ready on a daily basis, you may or may not choose to match your inners. It could merely be lack of time because of which you may not be able to match your bras and panties on a daily basis. The solution? Get bra and panty matching sets. Whether it is lace or sheers, having a bra and panty match is a matter of going that extra mile to look and feel perfect, even if the perfection is all the way to your core.

Baby doll dresses – These are available in many varieties and you can choose the one that suits you best, whether it is a fur border sheer baby doll or the one that is made with satins and silks. To be able to sleep in something like it is an ultra-luxury that you must allow yourself!

G-strings and thongs – Although these are quite common and are used on a daily basis by many women, it is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only are these thong panties very practical because they show no panty lines but also are great to lift your man’s mood within a tiny second.

A sheer body suit – Leave nothing to your man’s imagination by getting dressed in one of these for a special occasion. Have a set ready so that you need not fumble to search for the right piece when the time is right. A sheer body suit is the best advice for honeymoon lingerie too. You could store it for the years to come and use it as an advantage point whenever you like. You know your man will agree with you when you are wearing something like this!

Corset and garter belts – Amongst the most traditional in lingerie corsets and garter belts are something that will take that special celebration to the next level in no time. They are quite underrated mainly because of they give a dressy feel. They are perfect to give you a better shape and make an evening gown over it look ultra-sexy. There is a reason why these have been in trend for so many decades. You could use this set of lingerie as a costume too. A definite must-have in your wardrobe of luxury lingerie.